Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Yesterday was the last day of Gymnastics so what we did was we showed him our skills that we learnt over the past few weeks. First we did stretches and did a warm up game, after that it was time to test our skills. Our coach will score our skills from 1 to 3 and then will give us wristbands that showed if we did good, it was Gold, Silver and Bronze. what we had to do was four easy gymnastic things Forward roll, Handstand, Jump landing pose and a cartwheel. Gymnastics was very fun even though it was our last week we had a great time.

Zumba in class

Today in Room 10 we had Zumba in class we danced to songs like when i'm dancing, one bye one ants and toca, toca we also sang songs like let it go.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Digital immersion

Today we had a session with Garry from Digital immersion. We learnt how to programme a robot to move to another place by using an app called Mblock Blockly. We were using a very special language called Binary to programme our robot. Our group had a lot of fun but when we had to programme the robot to go to another group and say hi but in Binary that was very challenging.  


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Book week Freak Street

Title: Freak Street Meet The Zombiesons

Author: Knife and Packer

Main Character: Zigi

Setting: In a small street called Freak Street

My Favourite Character: Zigi

Characters: Zoey, Zigi, Mr Zombieson, Mrs Zombieson and Granny Zombieson.

Plot: My book is about a family called the Zombiesons they live in freak street and have a three headed dog as a pet. They are not brain eating zombies they love to eat pizza and watch T.V. Every time it is their granny’s birthday she usually spends her free time with the family. But her enemy Thin crust the third tries to steal her pizza recipes by stealing her brain. Luckily zigi’s role model saved them from a robot who was gonna crush them. Thin crust the third and fourth went to prison and the zombiesons did not need to worry about those guys anymore.

I like this book because my favourite character never gave up in winning the soccer game and never stopped getting his granny’s brain back. The point of this book was to keep trying and never give up.  
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Respect me

Respect Me
I am a crinkly little chips packet that fell out of silly AJ’s jacket.
 The wind blows me away and poor little me ends up in the drain.
The helpless little chip packet flows on the water, with AJ’s lucky one dollar. I end up at the creek, feeling helpless and weak.

Waiting for someone to come and help me, suddenly the water starts moving.The wind starts to carry air and then starts blowing, then I get carried all the way to the pacific ocean. I was flowing down the sea until a turtle saw me.

The turtle was swimming very fast but then he stopped because he didn’t have stamina. I was very happy that i didn’t get eaten I washed up in the beach in a country called sweden. Then someone found me and was very angry.

It showed the address, school and name, when the school heard about it they were all a shame.