Thursday, 23 March 2017


Millions and millions years ago there were no houses and no shelter no nothing it was only trees, bushes and animals there were lot’s of them. Fresh air and breeze lot’s of animals everywhere. The animals had lot’s of food and the air and water was very clean and the earth.
Now there is pollution. There is pollution everywhere air pollution, water pollution and earth pollution the clouds are dirty and the water animals from years ago are extinct. Pollution is like taking over the whole earth  
Transport, factories, fire, global warming, carbon dioxide, gasses that’s causing air pollution. Rubbish, recycling products, compost, and worm farm that’s causing water pollution. Cutting down trees, waste, compost recycling products and wrecking materials is causing earth pollution.
Humans are polluting the environment because they don’t care about our property and our environment they are making our property dirty and disgusting every single day.


  1. Hi Aj,

    I am so impressed with this piece of independent writing. Although we still need to work on structuring it like an explanation, your ideas are fabulous and it is an interesting piece of writing to read!

  2. WOW AJ!!! This is a fantastic piece of writing about pollution. I like how you've told us what the different types of pollution are. I look forward to reading more of your writing!
    Miss Kay