Sunday, 23 April 2017


What do you already know about ANZAC day? It is celebrated every year  and also they have roses for those beloved ones who were in the war and sadly past away.

What would you like to learn about ANZAC day? ( make sure that you investigate this!)
The biscuits, history, why it’s called ANZAC and what they do in the war.
What does ANZAC stand for?
Australian New zealand army corps.
Who are the ANZACs?
They are people who are from the Australian New zealand army corps.
When is ANZAC day? Why do we remember the ANZAC’s on this day?
Because it happens every year and we celebrate it every year on 25th of april.
Where did the ANZACs land in 1915?
Gallipoli Peninsula.
Why did the ANZACs want to go to the Gallipoli Peninsula?
To turks as ariburnu battle as it was part of the amphibious invasion.
How do we commemorate (or remember) ANZAC day?
We have roses and those roses helps us remember ANZAC day also those who past away helps us as well.

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  1. Hi Aj,

    Well done for investigating ANZAC day! The Anzacs headed to the Gallipoli Peninsula in a country called Turkey because they wanted to use the sea around Gallipoli for their ships. Did you find out why we eat ANZAC biscuits? I think google will know the answer!