Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter holiday

In the Easter holidays me and my family went to hastings it was a 6 hour drive we were stuck but we had luck because my mum brang her phone so we were able to call my uncle. My uncle showed us the way to his house because we didn’t know that where he lived.

When we were there my little cousins were already sleeping because they were scared of the cyclone that was gonna happen that is why they fell asleep. The next morning we woke up and we were going to the temata mountain in hastings. When we were on the mountain we polluted water and air pollution which was very bad.  

Next after the mountain we went to napier we went to it’s park when we were at the park we ate KFC. When we were done at the park we diced to explore the park we went to a pond where there was goldfish.

After that we went to the beach to see the huge massive waves we took photos there. Then a lady walked up to us said if wanted some of her chicken because she doesn't eat chicken and she gave the hot bun to my little brother.

Finally my feelings felt happy because we get to explore everything in hasting’s and in napier

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  1. Hi AJ,

    This sounds like a great trip- I am so glad that your uncle helped you to find his house in the end! What was the highlight of your trip?