Thursday, 20 April 2017

My Easter Holiday

My Easter Holiday
We are learning to follow the structure of a recount
Write a recount about something you have done during this holiday. You might like to choose one event like going to watch a movie or look at a few days (e.g. spending the weekend at your aunt's house). Remember to write the recount in the order that it happened - e.g. first we did this, then we did that. This recount can be true or it can be a story you make up.

You might like to plan first by putting the events in order. You could use this template:

  1. Introduce the recount - during the school holidays me and my family went to hasting to my aunt's house.
  2. First we went to hastings in the night time we were lost but then my dad called my uncle to show us the way to there house.
  3. Then when it was the morning we went to the hastings mountain it was called mt temata.
  4. Next we went to napier when we went to napier there was air and water pollution.
  5. After that we went to a park in napier I didn’t know what the park was called but we ate KFC there.

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