Friday, 26 May 2017

Ambury farm trip

On thursday 25th may we went to Ambury farm to learn about  pets and what they love to do the person who was showing us around her name was caroline. First we had morning tea because we had to be energised and also they did morning tea in a different time when we finished eating our morning tea we in a room that caroline called barn we sat on a massive carpet which had fake grass on the carpet. Caroline started talking about the animals that were in the farm these are the animals that were in the farm pigs, cows, roosters, hens and chickens, turkey, bulls, goats, sheeps and horses. We played a game it was an activity there were different kinds of sections inputs, outputs and what the farmer can not control it was a very exciting activity to do.

Next we went to the shearing room and what they did in the shearing room was to get a sheep and shave all the dirty stuff of its woolly coat but what caroline job was shave bottom person so every time the sheep poo the flies will go in there so caroline shaves the poo off. Then sheep slides them down the slide so it can go where the other sheep goes they actually sell the poop  room 8 and 7 had to touch the sheep wool and the sheep poop.  

After that when she was done taking room 7 to the farm we had lunch time and after lunch time it was our turn to go to the farm the animals I said that were in the farm the best  part was that we get to feed the animals but only the pigs had names it was three pigs it was Mele, Pig Floyd and Sesame. Sesame was the biggest pig she talks to us but with her mouth opened so she talks to us we'll eating at the same time we weren't allowed to feed them and feed the horse because the horse didn’t come to us because it was far away.

Finally we had to say farewell to ambury farm it felt fun cause we get to feed the animals and get to touch things that were very dirty like the poop and also some of the class step on the most disgusting thing poop.                                                                


  1. Good job!Aj Keep up the good work!

  2. I really love your work AJ because it was really interesting especiae how you described the dagging