Friday, 16 June 2017

captain cook

Captain Cook: Charting our Islands

We are learning to extract information from the text.

My Answer
Page number (where I found the information from)
What was Captain Cook instructed (told) to do when he set sail in 1768?
To find islands or countries.

Page 1
What is the transit of venus?
The transit of venus is when venus shows behind clouds but you have to wait for years.

Page 1
What is a sounding?
An action of measuring the depth of an body and a water.
Page 1
What did Captain Cook use to work out where they were?
Sailing to the country he knew and I think used a campus.
Page 2
Why did the ship need to know the depth of the water?
To know where they are going.
Page 2
What did Cook do to chart New Zealand?
It’s a different kind of chart
Page 3
What are longitude and latitude?
Longitude is an angular distance pointing east and west and latitude is pointing north and south.
Page 3
How long did Captain Cooks trip last?
Three months.
Page 4
What impact did Captain Cook have?
A bad impact.
Page 4

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