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Explanation writing matariki

Matariki is a year of celebrating in the month june but most importantly it is a name of the seven  stars which some people call it group of sisters or pleiades and also the maori word for pleiades is matariki. Islanders from other islands say it differently like samoa Matali’e, hawaii makariki and togan is mataliki and also matariki has two meaning, which refer to the cluster of stars, mata and riki means tiny eyes, and also mata and ariki means eye of god.

Papatuanuku the earth mother were separated by their kids the god of wind, also when they are celebrating matariki they round the food and plants they have grew like kumara and potatoes. They also go fishing and hunt animals they catch birds and eels and the animals they hunted like birds and eels they will put it in a jar and save until matariki and when it starts they will serve the food that has been saved and have big feast. They will chat, eat, sing, dance but what they are chatting about is family history they will talk about their parents, grandparents and great grandparents from the past and tell stories of what their parents did in the past it might have been awesome of what their parents did back then.

Every time when they sleep they can see all the stars and even they can see the seven stars clearly with no telescope and binoculars you can see it with only a naked eye that means you can see it very clearly if it is very bright bunched up those are the seven stars if you think i’m wrong then count those bright stars. I will tell you the stars name’s there names are in maori wai-puna-a-rangi, Tupua-nuku, Matariki, Waita, Tupua-rangi and Ururangi. Traditionally in matariki they gather whanau and friends to help them remember about their ancestors who helped people and other who did other great things in the past and they hope they are doing good in their new life.
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  1. Wow AJ, you have had so many ideas about Matariki!
    Next time we will focus on arranging your ideas clearly, so that you have one idea per paragraph. You have made some great points about Matariki and shared lots of facts, ka pai!