Friday, 7 July 2017

WLJ, Day 1 Activity 2: Auckland tourism facts

Today I will be telling touring people about Auckland, but it will only be five facts about the city of Auckland.

  1. There are cultural things in Auckland. So when you go to Auckland city you will see a lot of cultural things and you can learn about how our ancestors got here in New Zealand.
  2. There is a beautiful beach called mission bay, but that is not the only beach in the city there is heaps of beaches that are lovely you can walk, swim and just chill and relax.
  3. Everyone knows that Auckland city is the most popular city in New Zealand and it also has beautiful towers. The tallest tower in Auckland city is called the Sky Tower so go and see those tall towers and go inside.
  4. Mountains. There are so many mountains here in Auckland. People go to mount eden to see the sunset and they bring out cameras and phones to take a photo of the sun going down. Its pretty cool so just go to mount eden and take photos of the sunset
  5. They have a fun Amusement park in Auckland. The Amusement park is called rainbows end that is where you have lots of fun and check out all the rides, but be careful there are some rides that might be spooky.  


  1. Hi AJ,

    You have thought of some great ideas for tourists! Which of these places have you visited?

    Perhaps next time you could include some pictures to show your readers what these places look like.

  2. Kia Orana AJ,
    It was thrilling reading how much facts that you have gained in only a day! Its good to see you blogging! Keep up the hard work!


  3. Malo Aj,

    I really like how your blogging this Winter.
    It is really great to see you blogging and Its terrific.I Wish to see more Blog posts up your Blogging profile.

    Best Wishes!
    Good Luck!

  4. Kia ora AJ,

    You have come up with a great list of options for a tourist coming to Auckland. My mom is actually coming to visit next month and I am going to use your list to help me select some great things to do with her when she comes. She lives in Canada so this trip will be a very special one for her (and for me)!

    Thanks for your help:)


  5. Hi AJ,

    Good job on your first activity. Even though it's short you have put lots of infomation. Maybe next time you could use pitures!?

    - Davarni