Tuesday, 11 July 2017

sky tower facts

In Auckland New Zealand there is a sky scraper it is the tallest building in New Zealand and it is called
the sky tower now here are some facts about it

  1. you can jump off the sky tower if you are afraid of heights stay calm because there's a rope on your back that makes you not hit the floor.
  2. it has hotels and restaurants so you can stay at the sky tower because the sky tower has a hotel inside so you can sleep there and if you get hungry you can go to it's restaurant and you won't need to bring food ever again.
  3. The sky tower is a beautiful place to be in but what you can do in there you are asking you can have a birthday party there and invite your family and friends and they will party with and you will get a lot of presents.   

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  2. Kia Orana AJ,

    My name is Jacinta and I am so excited to be blogging with you through the Winter Learning Journey programme.

    I have read interesting facts about the Auckland city Sky Tower. You have done such a great job researching the information and translating them into your own words. Do you think you would ever jump off the Sky Tower? I'm scared of heights but this is something I would definitely want to experience in life.

    AJ, I just wanted to let you that when you introduce your 'Day and activity' we can allocate you with points for your hardwork. Did you have in mind of 5 favorite activities in Auckland? My favorite is going to the Auckland Zoo with my daughter Shonny. We love watching the elephants shower and eat.

    Keep up the good work. I'm very impressed.


  3. Hi my name is Alisi I’m from Kawakawa primary school. I like your post about the sky tower because you have lots of facts. Maybe next time you could add in how long it took to build etc. Check out my blog