Tuesday, 1 August 2017



What is insulation ?

  • Insulation helps to keep the warmness inside your house so you don’t get cold in winter.
  • There are two different kinds of stuff to use as insulation pink batt and mammoth. Pink batt is for the ceiling and walls but mammoth is only for the floors.

Where you put insulation ?
Where do you put insulation well there is pink batt and mammoth you use pink batt for the ceiling and walls for the mammoth you only put it on the floor. You can get pink batt and mammoth at mitre 10 or bunnings warehouse and if you're putting the insulation don’t be to scared because it is easy as but you need tools to help you put on the insulation and some clothing because it can make you itchy when you’re doing it and a gas mask as well.

Why you need insulation ?

Insulation is very important in the community because it keeps the heat in instead of the heat going and that means it keeps the cold air outside instead of coming inside. If you do not have insulation at home then you will be breathing wet cold air and your house will start getting mould and you might die.


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  1. Hi Aj,

    It is awesome to see what you learnt about insulation with Mrs Tofa. What was your favourite thing that you learnt in this science intensive?