Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Maths homework

Maths Home learning 2
Remember to show your working!

Ashley starts with 64 marbles.She buys 49 More.How many marbles does  Ashley end with?
Kelly has 56 oranges.Stephanie has 27 oranges.If Stephanie gives all of her oranges to Kelly,how many oranges will Kelly have?83

Joseph has 86 marbles. Julia has 42 marbles. If Julia gives all of her marbles to Joseph, how many marbles will Joseph have?128

Harry starts with 84 bottle caps. 19 are eaten by a hippopotamus. How many bottle caps does Harry end with?65

Mary starts with 53 crayons. She gives 18 to Cynthia. How many crayons does Mary end with?
There are 87 stickers in a box. Douglas takes 9 stickers. How many are left?

Each bag of lollies costs $3.00. How much do 25 bags cost?
Each child has 8 cards. If there are 56 children, how many cards are there in total?
Kevin went to the store 8 times last month. He buys 14 apples each time he goes to the store. How many apples did Kevin buy last month?
Annie has 450 Skittles in little lolly bags. If the are 30 bags, how many Skittles must go in each bag?15
3 x 12 = 36
3 x 13 = 39
3 x 14 = 42
3 x 15 = 45

There are 30 students in the class and 270 apples. If the apples are divided equally among the students, how many does each student get?9
3 x 9 = 27
There are 4900 oranges in Shirley's orange collection. If the oranges are organized into 70 groups, how big is each group?70
70 / 4900 = 70

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