Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Police dogs

Police dogs
Today on Tuesday 26 of september 2017 the whole school had a chance to see the police dogs but there was only one dog the breed of the dog was a german shepard and it was at the courts.

The dogs name was kase and he is 6/2 years old and there were two policemen who are dog handlers there names was collin and grant. The dog weight 39 kilos the dog can’t be under 26 kilos or higher than 44 kilos. The reason why they chose german shepherds out  of all of the dogs  is because, they are good at smelling but not good at fighting like other dogs like rottweilers and pit bulls they can fight but can not smell anything so that is why they chose german shepherds.

It was fun patting the dog and clapping but kase had a big patch at back because kase back was hurting so she had to go to the vet and get an injection but now the dog is okay.


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