Friday, 29 September 2017

The blessing of the new homes

Today on Friday 22nd of september 2017 Our Teacher Mrs raj took the Year sixes from room 8 to the new houses. Kau matua did a hymn and then did an opening karakia and then blessed the house after the karakia kau matua gave us a tour of the new homes it was awesome.

When we went inside the house it was already cool when i first went in the kitchen was amazing and the house was a two story house and they had three bedrooms and two bathrooms there bathrooms were also amazing and there were sixteen steps on the stairs and there was a huge backyard. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom on the top and 0ne bedroom also one bathroom on the bathroom we were only there for a little bit and went back out of the house.

After when we went back out of the house we went back to where were before at the starting and then we had kau matua to do a closing karakia and it was to bless the houses and everyone else. Finally we ate a little snack and then we had to walk all the way back to school.    


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