Friday, 29 September 2017

The day everything changed

The day everything changed
The day everything changed was when the animals and people starting to disappear, The burglars were not robbing banks and when the whole world was peace and quiet. So everyone were at their homes doing nothing no news reporter were reporting they just did nothing what is happening to this world we do not know what is happening but we are going to figure it out why our favourite planet turned into fun and happy to bored and sad.

So I went looking and then  I was the only one outside and everyone were inside even my parents and my siblings so it was kinda creepy outside. I went to every shop to see what is going on so I went inside and no one was inside so I grabbed some food and well I was eating the food I was thinking about where everyone went then a random dog came up to me and I went to find out what the dog name was when I checked the color a the named  was max so max and I went to find what happened.

We went to a facility and that was very creepy when we went inside there was a mad scientist named Dr franklin he was the one who changed everyone and he got all the animals max and I went to go and save the animals. Dr franklin freezed me but didn't freeze max max freed me we freeze the Dr and save all the animals and put everything back how it was.


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