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What are holidays? Well holidays is taking a break from school or from work. Holidays is that you can celebrate your favourite holiday like for example christmas it is a holiday that you celebrate santa claus. I will be naming 3 types of holidays for what they truly are.

Valentine's day
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On Valentine’s day we celebrate cupid. Valentine’s day is Celebrated on february the 14th. So if you do not know who cupid is he is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection well his job is making fall in love that is why they made a holiday for cupid called valentine's day. What do you do on valentine’s day? you are asking well you have to surprise a friend you like ask them if they want to be your valentine but you have to give them a card, a box of chocolate and shaped heart balloon.

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On Easter we celebrate the easter bunny.  Easter is a holiday Celebrated on the 1st of April. But that is the day he sacrifices himself for our sins if you want to know what you do on easter you scavenger hunts or a easter hunt that is what they do the parents hide the easter eggs but not the kids though and the kids have to try and find those easter eggs without anyone telling if you find one you have to put it in your basket. At the end of the game they all bring in there baskets they  count how many eggs they found whoever has the most wins and then they eat.

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On christmas we celebrate santa claus. The one the only christmas it is celebrated on 25th of December and one fun fact christmas is jesus christ birthday isn’t that amazing so what santa claus does on christmas is that on night time he secretly goes in the chimney and he puts presents under the christmas tree and then he goes through the chimney and goes back to the north pole. At the north pole that is where all his elves makes the toys and put them in a box and of they go also he has naughty and nice list so you wanna be in the nice list.

So far I already told you 3 holidays if you wanna know more holidays go search them up what was your favourite holiday? My favourite is christmas because it is so amazing when santa claus gives the presents and also the elves they are so hard working.


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  1. AJ you have created a wonderful explanation about what a holiday is! You explained what three different holidays are and told your reader what a holiday is in the beginning. You used the correct structure of an explanation and you had some fantastic ideas with lots of detail throughout your writing! Remember to add full stops at the end of every sentence as you write and to check that you haven’t missed any words out. This is a fabulous piece of homelearning, ka pai