Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Dentist

The Dentist
One hundred quintillion years ago there was man his name was martin luther king jr this was his first time going to the dentist.
He asked mom ‘’Mom I do not want to go to the dentist’.’ He was imagining that he was tasting blood when he removed his wisdom tooth so he was not excited at all. When he went to the dentist there was an obstacle course and he and his mom had to try and get to the otherside.
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5 hours later they had finished a quarter of the obstacle course.
‘’Can we go back home?’’ Martin luther king cried.
‘’NO’’! Mom said with a loud clear voice ‘’you have to get your wisdom tooth removed’’ Mom said.
‘’fineeee’’ martin luther king said with attitude. One minute later there was a clown holding a bunch of balloons. They could not see his face because the balloons were covering it.
He said with a smile ‘’do you want a balloon little boy?’.’
In a very creepy way he has showed his clown fish. Martin could hear their suffering and he could see stains on the fish tank.
Image result for happy clowns animated 4 kidsImage result for clown fish
A second later Martin said ‘’yes’’ so he went to the clown
‘’what’s your name mr?’’ he said.
‘’It, but you can call me pennywise the dancing clown’’ martin told him.
‘’ Can you help us find our way to the dentist?’’
‘’Sure’’ the clown commanded him “go this way and turn left then you will see door that says dentist and go inside the room and you will arrive to your destiny.’’ So he listened to what It said. Martin did exactly that and finally got the wisdom tooth removed so he was friendly after all and the dentist was too.

This story is for the yr 4 and 5. If they like the scary clown It. I made the story funny and scary at the same time and also included pictures to make the story more interesting. So I hope you enjoy it.  


  1. Fabulous writing AJ! You have had an amazing idea, used description and you have picked some wonderful vocabulary words!! You have written a really funny story for students in year 4 and 5 so you have clearly met the learning intention. We will keep working on your punctuation so that we don’t forget to add enough full stops, commas and speech marks.

  2. Cool writing AJ! I like how you told us about martin luther king