Friday, 16 February 2018

New events

last week on Wednesday was the first day of school and we started in a new class. On the first of  school was our first swimming lesson only some of us got our togs. Then we had morning tea it was great to be in a new class some people were in the same class some moved. At the end of the day people who got there togs could go swimming with miss Elia.

The next day was Thursday and we all greeted our teacher named Mr Nath also we did some work like writing, reading and maths. After morning tea we had swimming and this time a lot of people got there swimming togs. We learnt a lot moves in swimming like the backstroke and freestyle.

On Friday we did the same thing like reading, writing and maths and we were discussing of who will be a monitor for something some people remained as the same monitors and some people changed. That was the day that we were about water fun day but then it was cancelled.

on the second week of school on Monday we had music the person that was teaching us music was named Mr Kim he showed us a lot of different instruments and the first instrument he showed was a blowing instrument it was very similar to the flute. Mr Kim made us dance and let us play with some instruments.

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