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Galileo Legacy

Galileo’s Legacy
Galileo Galilei is a Mathematician in padua university. Galileo was born in pisa in 1564, he is the eldest of seven children. Galileo had many interests but the thing is that he couldn’t decide what to do, first he wanted to be a priest, later he tried medicine then he discovered mathematics and quickly he got a reputation.

There were things that interested him the most here were his options astronomy, optics, music, motion, and colour he was brilliant, outspoken and witty. He wrote plays and even poetry as well as scientific articles.

When Galileo Galilei was twenty eight he was made professor of mathematics of the padua university and he lived there for eighteen years. In 1608 a popular toy was introduced and that toy was called the spyglass it had two magnifying glass in a tube that gave a very blurry image. Galileo realised the spyglass could be use more than just fun.

Galileo learnt how to polish his mirrors and his windows and built a better  telescope that gave a bigger clearer image. He showed it to a member of the Medici family and he told that person that he didn’t need to teach students instead he could just invent and experiment things that caught his interest.

Galileo most important discoveries was when he looked up at the night sky. First he saw jupiter and saw three stars near it. He drew what he saw every night and day. When he saw the stars near jupiter the stars were in fact moons.

Galileo’s discoveries convinced him that the earth wasn’t in the centre of the universe as most people believed. He wrote and published his extraordinary discoveries on a book in 1610. The book was called Sidereus Nuncius and that book made him very famous.

Galileo Galilei was unlucky he was charged guilty of sharing his ideas that against  the beliefs of the church. He spent all his years locked up alone, scared poor and blind that was a sad man whose discoveries changed the world.

By: Aj Pepe


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