Tuesday, 15 May 2018



On Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 twenty-four
lucky students from Glenbrae School had an
opportunity to go sailing at Okahu bay. We
went on the bus to Okahu bay but the bus
driver was confused because he did not
know where to go. So Miss Tofa called
them and wondered where the sailing
place was. Finally we found out where
they were, so we had to go on foot because
it was very close. Once we got there, their
were three people who introduced themselves.
Their names were Justin, Maria and Gavin.  

Justin showed us how to sail when he finished
explaining the rules. Then we had to choose a
partner. Each pair had a boat to sail in but first
we had to make sure that all things were in the
right place but luckily we had a little help from
Maria and Gavin. After that we had to put our
boats in the water. When we were in the water
we did a lot of activities. The funniest thing that
happened was people’s boats kept on sinking
and that was hilarious and I hope we be able to do it again.

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